Forbidden Words

This check detects target segments that include words provided to the program.

You can check the usage of certain words or phrases by adding them into the list of forbidden words. Verifika will look for them in the target segments and report when they are found. You may find this check useful when your client has a requirement to avoid certain words in translation, or when you want to double check the words that you know you often misspell.

To make a list of the forbidden words, type them one by one into the field (one line = one forbidden word). Alternatively, you can use the Import button to load a predefined list of forbidden words from a text file. You can also save this list in a profile, so you do not have to reimport it every time you perform this check.

The Export button saves the list in a text file.

The Sort button makes the list alphabetically sorted.

The Forbidden words check has the following setting:

  • Don’t report error if source also contains forbidden word. Enable this checkbox only when you are completely sure that all such specific words are spelled correctly in the source text; otherwise, you may miss an error.


You can also watch the Forbedden words video to see how the check works.