Letter Case

The Letter case check includes the following options (1):

  • Initial capitalization detects┬ásegments where the first letter is in a different case. If the source segment starts with a capital letter, while the target starts with a small one or vice versa, Verifika reports an error.
  • Uppercase character after lowercase detects segments with words that include combination of small + capital letters, such as MilkyWay, smartCAT, etc.
  • Words with special letter case. You can make up your own list of words with special cases to check. Verifika will look for them in translation and report if their spelling differs from what is in the list. For example, if there is youtube instead of YouTube, the report will show it.

To create the list, you can type the words you need in the Special cases to check box (2) (one line = one word), or use the Import button to load a predefined list in a text file.

Additionally, Verifika can analyze files and display a list of words with potential special cases (3). To start the analysis, click the Analyze button. The result will be displayed in the table below.

Thanks to the filter at the bottom of the table, a word should be found at least twice in order to get into the list. But you can customize the filter as you need. Click the pencil icon and assign another Number of matches value or add more rules. If you want to see all potential words, just disable the filter.

You can add a potential word to the checklist in three ways:

  1. Highlight a word and press Enter.
  2. Double-click a word.
  3. Drag and drop a word to the checklist.

Once the list is ready, you can save it in a text file for future use by clicking the Export button, or save it in a profile along with other settings.

Watch the “Letter case” video to learn more about the check.