The Omissions check group helps to detect segments that are not translated or only partially translated.

  • Empty segments detects segments that do not contain a single character. Even when a segment contains just one space, it will not be considered empty.
  • Same target and source detects segments containing text that exactly matches the source segment text. You can use the following settings to avoid some of the false positives:
    • Ignore single Latin letters when a segment contains just one Latin letter
    • Ignore segments with numbers and mathematical signs only
  • Partially translated segments detects segments containing a number of untranslated words. You can use the following settings:
    • Minimum number of words. You can set a minimum number of untranslated words in a target segment. For example, if you set it to one, the program will find every case where a single word or several consecutive words have been left untranslated.
    • Ignore partially translated words with digits and hyphens, e.g. AB-123
NB! Words and phrases included in the list of Untranslatables are excluded from the Same target and source and Partially translated segments checks.
  • Inconsistent number of sentences in source and target searches for a target segment that contains more or fewer sentences than the corresponding source segment. Enable this check if you need to keep the same number of sentences in translation as in source.

Watch the Omissions video to see how the check works.