Quotes and Apostrophes

quotes and apostrophes check group


This check detects segments where apostrophes differ from the apostrophe selected in the settings. The check produces the Invalid apostrophe sign group of errors.

You can set up the required apostrophe on the right. To change an apostrophe, select one from the dropdown list. You can also add three more apostrophes by using the Add new button or delete unnecessary ones by clicking the red cross.

Quotation marks

This check produces two groups of errors:

  • Invalid quotation mark contains segments where quotes differ from those selected in the settings.
  • Unmatched quotation mark contains segments missing any of the quotation marks.

You can select the correct opening and closing quotation marks from the dropdown lists on the right. You can also add three more quotation pairs by using the Add new button or delete unnecessary ones by clicking the red cross.

Please note that it does not check spacing around quotation marks, as nor does it report inconsistency in the number of quotation marks used in source and target segments.

NB! If you have more than one target language in your project, do not forget to set up apostrophes and quotation marks for each target language.
Additional information
To check spacing around quotation marks:

  • Go to the Punctuation and spacing check group.
  • Enable the Spaces around punctuation setting.
  • According to the required spacing rules, add quotation marks to the respective fields under Punctuation.

spaces for quotes and apostrophes

If you need to check that a number of quotation pairs in the target equals the source, you can either use Search functionality or create a User-defined check.

You can also watch the Quotes and apostrophes video to get an insight into how the check works.