User-defined Check

In this tab you can create and edit any check you need.

The tab is active if the User-defined check checkbox is selected.

To create a new custom check, click New in the lower left corner of the window. A new line with a check will appear. Type the name of the check in the Name column. Then choose the type of search: Source and target texts are found, Source text is found, but target text is not, Target text is found, but source text is not or Different amount of text is found in source and target in the Type column. If this parameter is followed, the error will appear in the report with the name you enter.

In the Source and Target fields, type the text that needs to be found. For both source and target, you can select:

  • If the search should be case-sensitive (by default it is not case-sensitive; click the letter C letter at the end of the line to turn case sensitivity on);
  • if the search text contains tags (by default search doesn’t include tags; click the letter T letter at the end of the line to turn tag search on)
    NB! To search tags in files, enter the full form of tags (that appears in the Long tags mode).
  • If the search should return only whole words (by default it will return words parts as well; click the letter W at the end of the line to turn whole words on);
  • If the search text is plain text or a regular expression (by default it is considered plain text; click the letter R at the end of the line to turn regular expressions on).

If you have a large number of custom checks, you can group them for convenience. To use this feature, type the group name in the Group column and the checks will be divided into groups with similar names under a corresponding header.

Delete a check by clicking the Remove button at the end of the line for that check. You can also enable and disable checks without deleting them by unselecting the checkbox next to the check.

To import checks created in SDLX, xBench or SDL Trados Studio, click the Import button in the lower-left corner of the window.

NB! You can also add a new User-defined check from the Search and Replace window. For more information, see Search and Replace window in detail.