Context Viewer

context viewer

To open this window, double-click an error in one of the reports, on Pending changes tab, on Search tab or double-click any file name on the Files tab in the Search window or in the Project window. Here you can view the whole context of the segment as well as edit target segments.

For each segment, it shows its protection status (the shield icon is displayed if a segment is protected), source and target languages, match type and the segment’s position in the file. Segment translation status is also displayed for XLIFF files.

This window is synchronized with the report, i.e. if you click a different segment in the report, the context viewer will display this segment as well.

To change the column order, drag the column name to the necessary location.

If you use keyboard to move in this window and the cursor is in source or target field, in order to move up or down the segment list, first click on any column other than source or target.