List of Hotkeys

Main Window

Hotkey Action
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+S Save project
F1 Open online Help

Report Window

Hotkey Action
Space Ignore/unignore an error
Ctrl+Shift+E Expand all groups of errors in current report tab.
Ctrl+Shift+W Collapse all groups of errors in current report tab.
Ctrl+Shift+Space Ignore current group of errors (an error in a group should be selected, not the group header)
Enter Enter segment edit mode/Apply changes made in the segment
Esc Cancel changes in the current segment and restore its initial state
Alt+A Apply an auto-correction
Ctrl+S Save changes to files
Ctrl+F Switch to Search
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Batch replace in search mode (if search in target does not use Power Search)

When editing segments

Hotkey Action
Ctrl+Alt+NumMinus Em dash
Ctrl+NumMinus En dash
Ctrl+Shift+Space Non-breaking space
Ctrl+Minus Negation sign
Ctrl+Shift+Minus Nonbreakable hyphen
F12/Shift+F3 Cyclic change case of a selected word/phrase: case -> Case -> CASE
Ctrl+F Switch to Search

And all Alt codes are also supported to enter any character you need. For the list of Alt codes, you may want to check this or any other appropriate Web site.