Plug-in for Trados Studio

You can work with your bilingual files in Trados Studio and then check your translation just by clicking the Verifika button on the Trados Studio Control panel.

To activate this function download Verifika.Plugin.msi from our website and install the plug-in.
Then open Trados Studio. You will see the Verifika ribbon group (area 3) in Projects and Files views (area 1) at the Home tab (area 2) (see the screenshot below).


There are three options for working with Verifika from Trados Studio:

  1. Run Verifika: Create a new project with the current file (if you are using the Files view) or files from a current project (if you are using the Project view) and the default profile. Adjust the check settings and click the Check button.
  2. Select profile and check: Open the window to choose a profile, then perform the check of your current file or project with this profile automatically and open the Report window.
  3. Check with a default profile: Check current file or project with the default profile and open the Report window.
  4. Check with a recent profile: Check your current file or project with the profile that was used the last time Verifika performed a check and open the Report window.

NB! When you click the Verifika button in Trados Studio, the file closes in the Editor view and all the changes you made are saved automatically.

The changes made in Verifika are also saved and transported to Trados Studio. To continue working with file in Trados Studio, double-click the name of the file you need in the Files view, and it will open in the Editor.