Confirming Changes

All segments you change when working with the report appear on the Pending changes tab. The Pending changes tab is shown on the screenshot below and its elements are described under the screenshot.

confirm changes
  1. Buttons to set up the display of non-printable characters and tags in the text, to export the report, to save the project (this button is greyed out if there are no unsaved changes) and to turn comments on/off (not applicable in this tab).
  2. Help button.
  3. The list of changed segments.
  4. Field with source segment.
  5. Initial and changed versions of the segment.
  6. Link to discard the changes for segments.

When all errors in all reports have been resolved, the changes need to be uploaded to the files. You can do it on a respective report tab or on Pending Changes tab.

  1. Open the Pending changes tab.
    All changed segments are listed in field 3. The following details are also listed:

    • the segment in the source language (Source segment);
    • corrected translation (Target segment);
    • initial translation or the translation that was corrected and already saved in the physical files (Saved target).
  2. Review the list and click Rollback at the line with unnecessary change. These changes will be canceled. Please note that if you made several changes to the same segments since last clicking Check button then ALL changes will be discarded, not only the last one. The changes that are already saved (i.e. if you closed the report or pressed the Save changes button) won’t be reverted. However, you can use backups to return to previous state.
  3. Click Save changes to commit the rest of the changed segments to the bilingual files.
  4. If you want to commit all listed segments, simply click Save changes.

If you are absolutely sure of the changes you make, you may skip looking through them in the Pending changes tab, but can just click Save changes button in the upper right corner to immediately commit all the changes to the files.

If you prefer to deal with pending changes later without opening the project you can export them to an Excel file by clicking the Export button and then choosing Export pending changes. After saving, the report with changes will automatically open and be available for editing.

The software makes sure it has write access to each file as soon as you add the files to the project and notifies you if it is unable to get it. This ensures you will be able to save all the files when necessary.