Creating a Project

Once you start the program, the main window is displayed.

A new project with a default profile opens.

  1. Add the files you want to check using the Add files and Add folder buttons. To remove some files, click the Remove or Remove all files button.
  2. add_remove_files

  3. Verifika already contains some checks selected by default. To load a profile with another checks selected, click Profiles -> Load.
    You can also define them by yourself in the Common, Consistency, Terminology, Spelling & Grammar and User-defined tabs. More information about setting up checks see in this page.

  4. Click the Check button. Verifika will perform a check and open the Report window.
  5. check_button

    More information about creating and opening projects see in this page.

    You can also open files in Verifika through the plug-in for Trados Studio. More information about this function see in this page.